2019 and Beyond

Mr. Mann joins the battle rap arena and moves to Dallas, TX. Brooklyn is always in the heart. Numerous battles online and in person and more to come. (See "Rap Battles" tab.) Music will continue as well. "Good Guy" book is completed and set to release in 2020. It is time. 

November 21st 2015

Mr. Mannopened for Grammy Award winning "Digable Planets'" own Cee Knowledge at Drom NYC, delivering a performance that proved to promoters he was ready for a headline slot at Webster Hall.

March 16th 2016

Mr. Mann hits number 1 for the first time ever on the reverbnation Hip-Hop charts. A blessing in its own and huge thank you to all supporters.

February 23rd 2016

Mr. Mannshut down WDSR- Yal Better Recognize Radio, who gives Indie Artists a chance to shine. Big shout outs to them. A great interview and debut of his new song "Good Girl" soon followed, with "Wealthy" getting spin time as well; both receiving great reviews from callers.

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May 2016

Mr. Mann steps away from music for a moment to work on his book entitled "...Good Guy?" Ladies will especially love the message. Music is still being made, just on hold. Swagg!


Mr. Mann touched on his entrepreneurial side and created a series of showcases entitled "WHERE YA BARS AT," bringing light to underground talent that Mr. Mann deems superstars without the recognition. Three showcases for rappers, singers, dancers and actors alike in total. Each event with a bigger following and GREAT artists receiving the spotlight deserved. (See "Footage" for videos.) Will there be another W.Y.B.A. Showcase since the people have been asking for it?......

April 29th 2016

Mr. Mann drops his long anticipated original collective "Boy2@Mann." The EP release party was held at DROM and was phenomenal. The EP has no features, and has Mr. Mann both singing and rapping in different styles showing versatility. Click the photo to listen to this classic.

January 22nd 2016

Mr. Mannshowcased talents as both an singer and actor at the "ACTORS AND ARTISTS TALENT SHOWCASE LIVE" at Pearl Studios. Auditioned for and was in front of top NY Talent Agents. 

January 29th 2016

Mr. Mann'FIRST LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW on WHCR 90.3 FM, the "Diamond Jim Music Collection." Had a great interview and debuted newest single release from Mr. Mann. #bars

​​​​​​​Features (click to listen)

Mr. Mann has also moved into the realms of features. Here he is the sole feature on Young M.A', a rising female rap artist, mixtape entitled "SleepWalkin." The chorus was sung, written and arranged by Mr. Mann. He is grateful for the opportunity and any others to follow. BROOKLYN CONNECTION ON THIS ONE.

March 16th 2016

Mr. Mann' soundcloud numbers continue to grow substantially, totaling 3 million over the passed two months. Thank you to all listeners.

January 9th 2016​

Mr. Mannheadlined his first event ever, and at world famous Webster Hall. First time revealing the slogan "Where Ya Bars At!?" and the crowd reacted better than Mr. Mann anticipated. A phenomenal  performance followed as the culmination of hard work and numerous performances around Manhattan led him to that point.