"GAME TIME"  is my official sports/workout anthem, a pump up song if you will. lol If this song does not get you hype, then you are not human. lol This is inspired by those hard two a days in the 100 plus degree heat that my teams and I all went through playing football. Greatest and most memorable moments of my life. Never lose a bond with the sport as a player. Click the title to listen to Game Time and lets get this on every sports game known to man.

"WHO AM I?"  is my Eminem' "My Name Is" inspired track, that tells what I think in the back of my mind mostly. Things people are not used to hearing me say are said and I also go in and out of Eminem' flow here and there. The point was to make an anthem for my name and where to follow me...accomplished.Click the title and find out about Mr. Mann and his wild thinking process.

"SIGN ME" is straight to the point. I mean what it says and I take three known labels, RocNation, Young Money and MMG, and name flip them with no regard. It is a call out, but not a diss track. Simply listen to me, get this deal over with and let me make all of us some money. Click the titleand listen to me call out your favorite labels and artists.

"ALONE"is a song channeling thoughts on suicide. I wrote it to bring awareness and to let those feeling an urge to do so understand that it will get better. Click the title and hear my thoughts on the topic knowing that there is help out there and there will be brighter days. 

​​"WEALTHY" is the first song I have ever sang and rapped on, and depicts how I have lived my life and what I WILL do WHEN I get to the name of the song. Anthem for the people not settling for mediocrity in their lives.Click the title and listen to what my aim is with this music.

"STARTED OFF" is my club/party track made for the dancers. Dancing is always in my heart making music to do so, while still not degrading females was the aim, and it was accomplished. Click the title, GO DANCE YA ASS OFF and listen to how my drunk night started off. 

 Copyright © Mr. Mann

"COWORKER" is a song written for exactly what it says. You ever thought your coworker was so fine that you had to bag? lol Why not put it in song? Singing on the chorus and every chorus builds with an extra layer. Click the title and stop being scared to holla because you work together. GO GET IT! lol 

"BETTER"  is my "do better in life," slower more relaxed vibe track. It has a very soulful beat to it and almost gives a Jaheim feel. It is laid back and simply describes doing better in ones own life. Not getting rich or wealthy in particular, but getting themselves to a better plateau in their lives in general. Click the title and listen to me rock out about where I grew up and where I want to be.

"BANGER"  is about me choosing a different path in my life. I know all the goons and grew up on the block every day but I made a switch in my life, that I would say, has been for the better (ahhh). I could have been that guy on the block still or a drug dealer easily because I was surrounded by that and poverty. It is all about what you want to do with your life and what you make of it. I ain't never been a Banger but click the title and listen to this Banger.