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-I am Mr. Mann, a 25 year old lyricist from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY who loves music with every ounce of my being and performing shares in that same love. I am very family oriented and a man of my word.

What separates your music from other rappers and singers out there?

-I do everything and without cursing, no degrading females, not killing anyone or plotting to, nor do I use the "N-word," as they say, in over 200 songs. I make music without the excessive filler and there is no need for a radio edit. I literally do every genre. Whether it be Hip-Hop, Pop, Funk, Rock, R&B, Electronic, Country, etc; there is no boundary to my talent. I am pretty much using a metaphor, dropping a BAR as I like to say, in every LINE of my songs regardless of if its me singing or rapping. I am a thinking artist who prides himself on making complete projects and not relying on the beat to get me by. 

Do you rap only?

-No! lol I sing, dance, act, produce and write poetry as well as rap, so I like to think I am a tad diverse. I have both my Bachelors and Masters degrees from Fordham University and neither are in performing arts unfortunately, but I love it all.


So your upbringing, care to elaborate on what has made you a man Mr. Mann?  

-I was that young boy on the block doing store runs and look outs but I chose a different path with my life instead of moving up those ranks. Besides my family, I honestly think football saved my life, teaching me morals, discipline, controlled aggression, etc. I was outside every day on the block before I started playing, and it was not until then that I realized that I could make something more of myself. I was a bad kid lol. My parents remember that I'm sure because I did NOT like to listen and had a question for every answer you had. Still a smart ass, but I grew out of the bad kid though. I honestly had no intentions of going to college until I got a scholarship offered from Fordham to play football. Sounded good to me and then I was introduced to a whole new lifestyle. Meeting people from different parts of the world and seeing how they lived opened up a new idea of the "Good Life" for me. One thing I can say is that college and football helped me mature a lot faster than my peers. I have always been a year younger than every one in my grade. I moved out when I was still 16, had my own apartment with my two boys when I was 18 and been out on my own since. I grew up...period.

You said you went to Fordham and played football. Was their time for anything else?
-Oh I am a vampire, do not sleep often, so their is always room. lol I danced on Fordham Flava (SQUADDD UPPPP) in college for four years, was in the Black Theater Project having leads in- and directing- plays, and worked at Olive Garden off and on for three of my four years. At Fordham I pretty much had my finger in everything performance related. I like being busy.

Wow so what is your aim with all of this music and performing?

-I am trying to make history with this music, and set the bar for the future and even my predecessors. I want people to listen again to lyrics in a song and not get caught up solely in the beat or production. I will write songs for folks, produce them if needed, as long as I get to be on stage and hear that crowd roar for me like they did for Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl. He is my favorite by the way and life will still not be complete WHEN I get to that point.

Any shout outs you would like to give?

-Always room for those! lol SHOUTOUTS TO MY MY FAMILY, THE MANN CLAN, GM FAM AND ANYBODY WHO HAS EVER SHOWN LOVE OR SUPPORT. I plan on making it far and I advise you to listen hard to my tracks. There is ALWAYS a lot going on. Aside from that stay tuned for the next project BOY2AMANN and I will keep you all updated. If you know me then you know I am a fun dude. I keep my circle small and mostly family so I know who to trust, but I bang with everybody. Thanks for your support. LOVE and GOD BLESS!

W. Y. B. A. is the movement. meaning Where Ya Bars At!? And I mean that. SWAGG! Gone.